Trini Level Up! Actor’s Workshop!

Hi everyone! Hope you are having an amazing and STRESS FREE Saturday! Previous blogs have highlighted my love for the arts, but what they did not highlight was the battle…

Morning Routine: It’s BASIC

headphones ( Because who wants to converse with strangers in a taxi- I do not really want to most of the time- sorry not sorry)

Top Cellulite Treatment Tips

I battle with cellulite everyday, and after spending way too many hours researching treatments, from DIY’s to expensive creams, I rounded up the best that have worked on me so far and were actually affordable.

Monday Motivation: Be Vibrant

Another Monday, another work week. Welcome to another installment of Monday Motivation. This weeks motivation is simple yet HUGE! Be vibrant. How? Exude good energy? Cannot find it right now?…

Wardrobe Culture: Basics for Caribbean Life

I look forward to seeing the shift in our culture, when we will recognize that, while many spend their time finding the suitable office suit to sweat in, work an eight to four and pay taxes, the person they are working for is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Monday Motivation: Courage

Welcome to another week. The word for this week is courage. I choose this because it is a vital component for all things in life, whether it be for ourselves,…