3TT 30 September 2020.

What’s up? It’s time for three tings trending in Trinbago you need to know right now!

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  1. Yesterday police seized in excess of 1 million dollars worth of marijuana in Sangre Grande, no suspect has been held.
  2. A Penal family is calling for justice as their daughter was brutally murdered (hacked to death) by her former partner just minutes from her home. It has been reported that numerous reports had been made to the TTPS before the incident, but no action was taken aside from verbal warnings, the most recent report was made on Sunday morning before the incident.
  3. As we continue to observe the sou sou/blessings circle, the  most recent development on this front is that an “administrator’s” personal vehicle was fire bombed at their residence on Sunday night. No one has been held, however there is the assumption that the perpetrators are investors in the financial model.

That’s all for now! Check back on Friday for another episode, till then, sty safe, sanitize, social distance and be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.  

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