5 Exercises That Require NO Equipment & Work: Tried & Tested.

Happy Tuesday! Throughout my journey I have battled with numerous gym memberships, fad diets, fat burners and concoctions to lose weight. While many worked for a while, 9/10 times I ended up back right where I started. Especially while working on a budget that could not include a gym fee, a full schedule or travelling.

As a result, I found five workouts that work for me. That can be done anywhere, in practically any space and will produce results once you stick to a regimen a minimum of three times a week.

I am not kidding, I was doing this in below zero temperature on vacation much to my boyfriend’s amusement.

Check out the list below.

1. Burpees

Who hates burpees? Meeee!

But do burpees work?


What muscles do they work? ALL! Arms, Chest, Legs, Abdominals just to name a few, you ever notice in most HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) they include burpees? Because its one of the ultimate fat burning workouts you can do anywhere and it helps you burn more calories after you are done!

2. Jumping Jacks

Once you have been involved in sports from a young age, the jumping jack was always included in your warm up. Why? It works all your muscles, increases your metabolic rate, improves athletic performance, increases stamina and leads to weight loss.

3. Squats

The Bible of Booty!With round derrieres becoming all the trend, squat challenges are arising everywhere. From Pinterest to Instagram, you are guaranteed to come across a firm booty pic while scrolling. But what are the benefits? Squats burn that stubborn fat and get rid of cellulite! (cue chorus). They make your core stronger, legs stronger, and in my opinion much nicer to look at. Squats when done correctly also improve your posture and enhance blood circulation! Want some good joints? Squat! Want an exercise that works your legs and does not put pressure on your back? Squat!

4. Punches

When I first heard punches were an effective form of cardio I was doubtful, until I tried it myself. It is a great exercise to raise your heart rate and boost your metabolic rate, without injury. A fantastic cardio for beginners and when you need to keep going. Drop to a half squat or “sit” as they say, and punch away. Most effective way to incorporate it into your workout? Make it part of your HIIT and do it for one minute sets.

5. Butt Kicks

I love butt kicks! Why? They increase speed and work those calf muscles? Have you ever looked at your calves and seen cellulite? If not count yourself lucky and keep it up! If yes, get to butt kicking. Another great warm up exercise for your entire body. This cardio exercise also helps boost digestion, lose weight, increase stamina and can even make you a better runner!


Do you have any go-to exercises that you cannot live without? Let me know!

Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!

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