A Journey of Little Footsteps: Introduction

Nothing happens by chance. For years that has been drilled into my head. Every person whose feet touch Mother Earth have been sent here on a journey, no one is truly aware of the direction their life will take. There is no way to know what lies behind each occurrence which is merely another door either being opened or closed.

In 1992, my feet touched down to Mother Earth in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. As a child there was nothing more I could have possibly wanted. I had been given the opportunity to live in the Tropics, away from the cold,rain and muggy humidity of summer. I will never forget that moment, although only 5 years old it is still vivid in my mind. The air smelled different, the humidity assaulted my lungs and the tarmac at Piarco International Airport was soft and squishy under my sandals.


The next memory that sticks out from that same evening, was the long drive from the airport to ‘South’. A far cry from that which I was used to, buildings were sparse, and the street lights were a dull yellow amber. Pulling into our new ‘home’  sealed the deal, lots of space to run around, a swimming pool and a view that as a child I could not appreciate ,as I do now.


There was no way to have known that which would follow. That 20 years later, as a family unit we would still be in the Caribbean, that we would be tried and tested. As time progressed I would learn that all that glitters isn’t gold. That fanfare fades and at times we may truly become victims of circumstance.

With that said, as a brief introduction to a series that will be continued. This must be said: There is no doubt that a journey was laid out and we followed through. Some of our journeys ended here, for others it is still being mapped out.

Welcome to my world.

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  1. Uh oh! I wait with bated breath!

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