A Powerful Thought to Change Your Life

Did you ever notice the moment you stop looking for something, or pay it no mind, it comes jumping out at you? Whether it is that book you have been looking for for months, your keys or even a person.

Here is food for thought; is it because we did not pay attention to it, that it decided to appear? Is the emphasis we place on searching for something detrimental? So much so that it may actually keep us further away from that which we seek to find or achieve? In our quest for greatness, do we spend more time deflecting than achieving. Or is it a matter or persistence, will and attention on the now with pure understanding of what the eventual outcome is?

A little corona musing for the soul. I have found my answer to this age old question, have you found yours?

Lots of Love

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  1. Barbara Lake says:

    So where is the phone? The Missal? And, Daddy’s pocket watch??!!!

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