There is no doubt in my mind, my biggest source of support and motivation comes from my girlfriends.

I am blessed to have girlfriends from all walks of life, and in all different fields. Our personalities are all fabulous.

Essentially we are all ALPHAS.
We have come to know one another so well, we can stop one before she blurts out something inappropriate, know when someone is unhappy and even know if she got laid.
And you know what I love, we don’t have concern for each other’s feelings when they are doing shit.
There’s  no free pass for not buckling down.
Even if we don’t speak in a week.  Basic convo normally includes catching up on everything from family to business to school…. there are no holds barred.

Basically, it’s love.


We motivate, inspire and achieve.

And that’s what a true ALPHA is. A lady who is focused on her growth, success and the same for her loved ones and family.

A lady who actually prays for someone who has harmed them.

A lady who is empathetic and accountable.

An Alpha has been hurt, dragged,  disrespected,  struggled,  hungry,  tearful,  broke,  abused…. The list goes on.
But she is STRONG
Perhaps Alphas are born, perhaps they are bred.

Whatever we are,  we are beautiful,  gentle,  powerfully soft and brilliant.



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  1. Amazingly exhibited the power of womanhood.
    Loved your style of GirlGang. Keep it up.

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