Before I Leave: Ultimate Travel Bucket List

A few years ago, I started a board called “ Before I Leave”. I created it so that I could pin my ultimate bucket list. Whether it was going to the ballet, hiking through South America, riding an elephant in India or learning to ride a bike (Yup) it was going on that board.

Fast forward a few years later, life happens. The board barely got some pins, which was scarily a reflection of my inner self. Battling with health issues had consumed 99.9% of my time  (I will go in depth as to what in future posts) and every minute (kudos to my girl Louise) was a continuous battle. I am proud to say, after living in a shell of myself, I have a bucket list to share, of countries I would love to ( and will) visit before I leave.

  1. KLAGENFURT | Holds a special place in my heart, my mother, grandmother, great grandmother etc were born here in Austria.klagenfurt-1992746_960_720
  2. PORTUGAL |Another heritage visit! My great grandfather was a Portuguese immigrant, who came to Trinidad and Tobago.portugal
  3. AFRICA| Family history continues!  I would need at least 3 months here!africa
  4. INDIA  |Family history again! To visit Amritsar especially!INDIA
  5. CHINA |Another country steeped in family history. Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of stepping on to the Great Wall of China, and now that would include taking an awesome selfie!china
  6. SAUDI ARABIA |I grew up listening in awe to my grandma’s stories of her time as an expat in Saudi! To this day I cherish the few pieces of jewelry that remain from her weekly jaunts.SAUDI ARABIA
  7. FRENCH POLYNESIA |No family history here! I just really would love to see it in real life!FRENCH POLYNESIA
  8. SINGAPORE |The family tales continue, growing up I would hear mummy talk of her childhood in Singapore, to visit would be amazing!singapore
  9. EGYPT|  I have been obsessed with ankhs, drawing them before I even knew what a wonder they are. I have a love affair with Egypt spiritually.EGYPT
  10. CYPRUS |My grandparents chose to retire to Cyprus. I can only imagine why. Ready to see this gem.CYPRUS

There are many more places, I could add, because who does not have wanderlust?

Till my next post, take care of yourself.

Know you deserve the best!

I know I do

Natalake xoxo






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