Self Awareness this November

Is anyone else a tad flabbergasted we are already in the eleventh month of the year? It feels like the past year has flown and dragged by at the same…

Practice Delight

This does not mean you put on a plastic smile. It means you feel the emotion, anger, sadness, happiness, whatever it is just let it happen, then let it go. Look back and see where the lesson is , find the delight.

Top Cellulite Treatment Tips

I battle with cellulite everyday, and after spending way too many hours researching treatments, from DIY’s to expensive creams, I rounded up the best that have worked on me so far and were actually affordable.

10 Things I am Grateful for: AUGUST

Welcome to my brand new monthly series! As a way of maintaining positivity, to bring further positive vibrations and blessings to myself and others, every month  I will be listing…

Morning Thoughts

Sending some love out of Trinidad and Tobago. Just a quick note today, to let you all know, I am sharing morning thoughts daily on @iamnatalake. Very short sweet and…