DNA Tests: Expectation V Reality

Have you ever taken a DNA test? It looks pretty fancy on TV right? Everyone gushing about how great it is, how far we have come in the “information age”. Things are so advanced you can now swab your mouth and find out in a month where your great ( x infinity) grandfather and grandmother came from.

Then we have the conspiracy theorists ( who doesn’t love a little conspiracy?).The DNA test is really so the world order can find out who has hybrid blood, who is a reptile, who is an alien etc………..

After numerous flashy advertisements and YouTube binges, late last year I sat disgruntled, because I wanted to do a DNA test, but had no access to do so. Fast forward to today, Trinidad and Tobago FINALLY has it’s very own genetic ancestry testing…. I introduce you to FZEROGENOMICS.

You can click the link at the bottom fo the post if you are interested in more information. In short it is user friendly and so colourful, that you cannot help but want to find out where you really come from (whether you believe people are “harvesting” DNA or not.)

I took the test, currently waiting for results and here are my findings so far:

As soon as the results are in I will be sharing it! Admittedly I am a bit nervous but excited at the same time! Check out the video below where I roped in my mum to witness me taking the test ! https://youtu.be/JQx8CNxjJ6Q

Let’s connect on Instagram, and get to know one another http://www.instagram.com/natalakett!

If you want to learn more….. https://fzerogenomics.com/

Enjoy! xx

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