Favourite Alternate Exercises: Spicing It Up as a Solo workout Girl

In my blog post about PCOS, I wrote about weight loss, and how I incorporated exercise into my lifestyle.

Today I want to go a little bit deeper and let you in on my secret. My favorite routines, programmes, and fitness enthusiasts.

I have stopped being an avid gym buff- mainly because I need to become more disciplined and get my ass into the gym. These days I work out at home and outdoors.

While I started off with Focus T25, I soon turned to alternatives, such as Insanity Max (currently in my second month!) and any sort of cross-fit, dancing, aerobics and dancing. I work out alone on a regular basis, so I need to constantly change my routine so that I stay motivated and do not get bored!
I also have recently started wearing brighter workout clothes as a way of staying motivated and I usually blast my favorite playlist from Deezer. You know you have done a routine like crazy when you can mute the video and play motivational music!

My  CrossFit Go-To right now:

Fitzala’s CrossFit workouts at home– I love this article because the routines are super easy to do and you can do them anywhere!

If you are looking for a great start-up routine, Check out Simply Sadie Jane’s Crossfit Series!

Cardio Go-To to mix things up when I am bored:

Estelle Archer’s Zumba Video–   Ole Ola
Keira LaShea- Burn to the Beat Dance Intervals: African Cardio Dance Workout-

Favourite Ab Workout of Life!!

Tiffany Rothe- 10 Minute Booty Shaking  Waist Workout- Lose inches off your waist ( TESTIFY! IT WORKS) I loved this video so much I shared it all of my girlfriends.  I will never forget the first time I did it, I woke up the following morning sore! Did I mention it works!!!

Also, good old Russian Twists are everything!


Keeping it fun can be challenging without a workout buddy. But when I have one I love to do Lady Chancellor Hill. It’s a two-mile uphill trek, that many times seems null. The reward aside from having completed the hill is the stunning vista of the country’s capital Port of Spain. My favorite time to go is early morning before the heat kicks into high gear and of course, we always throw in a few selfies!

I also try to throw in an outdoor jog whenever I can, one of my favorite places to do this is the Queens Park Savannah (which we proudly boast is the biggest in the world).  Plug in some good music and/or company and just go!

Keeping it fun can always be a challenge, many times I stand up and say loudly “I don’t want to do this” but then I buckle down and get it done, half-hearted sometimes- but at least it is done!

How do you keep active and stop your workouts from becoming boring? Let me know!

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Have a great week!


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  1. loved this post! I'm checking out the crossfit workouts at home you recommended! 🙂
    What about fitness youtube channels? do you recommend any?

  2. Natasha Lake says:

    Most def! For something light and feminine that packs a mean punch Tiffany Rothe is my go to. Also I use Fitness Blender. They have some great theory and basic instruction videos! If your interested in more, keep an eye out for a post at the end of November, with my favourite fitness vids of the month!!

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