Everyone has them and it makes you who you are.

You ever realise when someone is too perfect your blood instantly starts to crawl, your alarm bells go off, your gut screams, intuition, whatever.
Benefits include:
  • Your integrity shines!
  • Less stress
  • Removal of false friends.
  • Removal of negativity
  • People know the REAL you
    • For example “I’m not coming because I have to (insert excuse here)” Reality: “I’m not coming because I just want to stay home and watch Television.” and they love you still.
  • You may actually live longer for it!
  • You will automatically gravitate towards your tribe.
  • It actually makes you more responsible!
Then you have those who don’t see they have any flaws at all.
You can’t blame them but you also can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves.
So you send them good energy and cut those chords.
Life is too short for sh*t.
But, do people feel pressured to be perfect because of society, or because they aren’t ¬†comfortable with themselves? What do you think?

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