Gentle Reminders.

Do you remember when the ‘Gratitude Challenge’ was trending?

So Facebook memories have been popping up this week. In a way, it was the Universe directly smacking me over the head and saying, “Hi! You have a lot to be grateful for, even though you may not see it.”

Admittedly I have spent years in and out of depression (as my previous posts hint at from time to time). But somehow I always managed to survive, and Facebook showed me how.

Every day I thought of something to be grateful for, that I have been blessed with. I thanked God for my health, even when my condition gave me hell. Thanked God for my family even when we had been to hell and back. Thanked God for friends. Thanked God for being able to go to school, the list is endless.

I realised, what I lost with Daddy was hope and I was robbed of my joy that had been eroding slowly over years of not taking control of my life.

And life without hope is a rabbit hole.

So as I go through life, getting on the mend. I decided to do the cliche yet highly effective positive challenge to myself.

Every day I am going to post on Instagram a word that is positive, reflects love, compassion, joy and hope.

This is my healing.

Sometimes we all need to realise, the only person who can fix you is yourself.

And getting help on the way is OK.

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