I Received a Blogger Recognition Award!

I Have Received a Blogger Recognition Award!!!!
What a surprise! I am delighted and blown away that I have received a Blogger Recognition Award from Lazy Wonton Blogs! There I was, sort of sifting through, checking to see if I had made any headway on blog traffic and I saw the comment. Again, dead surprised!
Big Up (That’s like ‘Respect!’ in Trinidad) Lazy Wonton Blogs. I sat down and really pored through the blog and felt the frustration, also the humor in those moments that we are lucky to be a part of. The blunt honesty is refreshing and a nice reality check. For example,. How many people really prefer Starbucks over every other coffee??
Why Did I Start My Blog?
I started my blog as an outlet for my thoughts and to express myself. I had a good example. My mum, who has been blogging since Yahoo 360 days, and always seemed to enjoy it, so I opted for it as a choice to really let out my frustration. Oddly enough, my best writing came when I was at my lowest and darkest places. In many ways, I also felt like (and still do) feel like I would like to offer my experiences as tribute (ha ha ha).

Really, when I was younger, there were certain things I needed to know, and I want to hopefully help someone who needs that knowledge and/or inspiration (hopefully!).
Advice to New Bloggers?

Oddly I think the first thing is, you can never stop learning. So don’t be shy to ask any questions, as the saying goes – There is NO SUCH THING AS A STUPID QUESTION.
Allow yourself the freedom to be creative. While it is good to take into account what your audience may enjoy, do not be afraid to put your heart and soul into your writing, honesty brings out the best in everyone and everything.
One thing regarding post length. I have learned after going over previous posts. Keep it short and engaging. Honestly, even now, when I am delving into the blogosphere, I tend to brush over long posts, unless it is on a topic that I am incredibly interested in.
Also, spell check is your best friend. I have made and continue to make errors. Do not be afraid to mull over a post, or have a trusted friend read over it before you click publish!
So I had to nominate 15 bloggers! Here we go!
  1. Haylee’s Words of Wonder
  2. Becoming Britton
  3. Kanvas K
  4. Joy 42
  5. The Home Handcrafted
  6. Life In The Ali
  7. Obsessed With Everything
  8. Catherine Chicotka
  9. Halle Regina
  10. Tea With Tara
  11. A Freckled Traveler
  12. Shara (Like Sarah)
  13. Kady Curtis
  14. Rep N Pepper
  15. Words and Wonders
The blogs above have been inspirational! Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as I have!

Accepting this Award:

~Make sure you take the time to thank the blogger who gave you your nomination.  Write a little bit about them and their blog and provide a link of where to find their blog.
~Write a post to show your award
~Briefly explain why you started your blog
~Share some advice to new bloggers
~Select 15 other bloggers you would like to nominate for this award
~Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them; provide the link to the post you have created regarding the award.

If you have any tips, please share them! We never stop learning!!

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  1. Very well done and thank you so much for leading me to other interesting sites. You have resurrected my interest in putting my thoughts out there and making it a priority to start writing again.

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