Joy and the Permanently Exhausted Pigeon

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re exhausted. When you get too much, you’re exhausted.

An on air guest said to me today,”see you at the gym in the morning”. To which I factually replied “Nope, 4am wake up for work tomorrow!”. He smiled in agreement, knowing that the same fate awaits him tomorrow morning. It makes me wonder, how many millions of us worldwide do the same. Fitting everything we want in to this 24 hour window with hopes of no run off the following day!

It’s very easy to get lost in it all, don’t you think? Between work, family, relationships and everything else it is quite a lot. We identify with social media posts that cite being permanently exhausted pigeons and laugh, many times ignoring that we may not be giving ourselves the rest we actually need. The mental rest.

Relaxation is a unique experience to everyone. Similar to the inevitable journey of grief, we learn as we go and constantly seek to find it. Whether it be in routine or random jaunts.

The point is, life is a journey. The key to it is finding joy and applying that joy to every facet of your life. If you don’t know what brings you joy, now is the best time to start looking.

Find joy, receive the rest, wake up replenished every single day.

How do you find joy? Start by giving thanks!

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