Let’s Eat: Kyuramen

Looking for a late evening dive to grab nutritious food with a quick turnover. Head to Price Plaza, Chaguanas, TT.

There were loads of reviews, social media posts etc. So I have been dying to try their food. Cue late Sunday evening hunger and a spot that stays open till 9:30pm.

Honestly, the most impressive thing was the wait time. It took less than 10 mins to get our order. Which had me sold. I ordered the spicy seafood thai tomyum ramen; 9/10 as the rice noodles left their presence felt until Monday morning. The calamari was a 9/10 too. Superb portion sizing, just a tad oily. The batter had my complete attention, perfect combination of sweet and spicy with the right amount of crunchy.

So, like a whirlwind romance that starts with eye contact, the next day I was back at Kyuramen for lunch and honestly, just like with any fast romance, my heart broke a little bit. It was mud afternoon between 2 and 4 pm to be exact and we waited 30+ minutes for 2 meals and 2 ice creams. From the looks of things we weren’t the only ones a bit put out by the wait. But, just as Sunday night, the food hit the spot when we eventually got it. We ordered ice cream to snack on while waiting. That plan epically failed as the ice cream took longer than everything else.

So, late evening dinner recommendation. YES. Lunch time grab and go? NO. Order ahead, or find something to occupy your time if you don’t mind the wait.

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