Lockdown Your Attitude

In six days in sweet T&T we will know our fate. Will we be extended? Will we be kept indoors to preserve life longer? As people battle over lock down orders and re-opening borders, it has become painfully clear that some just may value money more than life, or do they? From their perspective it is necessary to open up again to ensure the survival of the human race. But do the needs or wants of the few, truly outweigh survival of the many?

People drop a new conspiracy theory almost daily, (kindly miss me with that BS please and thanks).

But what is it really? Perhaps if we could all take our heads out of our arses for just as long as it takes to double tap an Instagram post, we may be able to recognise our responsibility and accountability instead of sitting in our filtered bubble???????

Stand together and stop making shit worse than it already is. They say life is based on survival, but if you as an individual survive and lose your friends, family, loved ones and strangers, what is the point of surviving?

There is power in UNITY.

Till all the waves are over, stay safe, practice good hygiene, be your brother’s keeper and practice self care!

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Love you now and always!

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  1. Barbara Lake says:

    You really should post more regularly!!

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