Mental Health Revisited: OCD From an Insiders Perspective (A Simplified Version)

Good Morning  and a happy Friday to you.

Here is to a weekend filled with some all sorts of positive and productive happenings.

Last year I opened up about coming to terms with my health and taking the plunge of recognizing that I did not recognize who I was at all. You can see those posts here.

That I needed to sort myself out.

So I went and got treatment. I learnt that I need SSRI’s and they made an incredible difference mentally. Physically I got pretty excited too because Yay! Let’s just say I am an advocate now for SSRIs, but it should be known it is not a wonder drug! I still have pretty bad days, like today, which has led me to this post.

You see it is a bit surreal. I lie there, staring into space with intrusive thoughts racing and then deciding to sporadically dance in my head, but simultaneously I am well aware the chemicals are a bit awry (euphemistic much!) today and this is not me.

So while I involuntarily think about a tap running and flooding the house when it really is not, fear of taking a shower because the razor may fall and cut me, or fear of walking outside because people may talk to me (weird? No it is CHEMICALS!) it also dawns on me, that people still do not get it.

So my post today is a request for patience! Patience from those who are connected to those suffering with OCD, anxiety and panic disorder.  Why? Because we need it.

From the age of six I have suffered with panic and anxiety disorders. How did I confirm this diagnosis? I happened to glimpse my GP’s record of my health. The first note of panic and anxiety attacks was when I was in primary school. So trust me when I say, we the people could really do with your patience.

But you cannot really have patience, unless you have a true understanding, so here it is quick, easy and to the point in a one simple paragraph.

Those moments when a person always forgets the stove on, locks all the doors, worries about what appears to a non sufferer as utterly far fetched. Before you react ( which is normal, because hey we are human!) Understand, this is an obsession. What is an obsession? Obsessions are unpleasant thoughts, images or urges that keep coming into ones mind. Obsessions are not simply worries about your life problems. It is like having this switch that is constantly flickering, or for me it is like having a video clip on a constant loop in my brain.  Chances are if you are connected to someone with OCD, you probably have no idea, because to be blunt, people feel ashamed and the stigma attached to OCD does not help.

I think it is important to note that this is  not saying one must allow those with OCD to be treated with a kid gloves every single waking moment, but a little sensitivity would go a long way, which starts with educating yourself.

Also it is important to know, if you recognise symptoms in others, do not pressure them to “come clean” because you may scare them even more (a lot of us walk around permanently scared btw). Imagine dealing with a young child/animal. You need to gain trust before they will come to you. Same concept applies here. If you recognize someone needs medical intervention and/or therapy, you will know how far to push the topic if you can at all.

But truly know, in my opinion, that people can only come to terms with this illness when they recognize it for themselves.

So to all those connected to those suffering, I applaud you. I applaud your patience, love and kindness,

To those who have this illness. Hey! I feel you 100. This is as hard as hell to deal with. Especially on the days you just sort of shut down, and the thoughts are going a mile a minute.

I stand with you, because I live it.

Till next time.

Learn something new everyday|Do not be afraid of being who you are| Understand that there are great days and there are horrible days.

Remember, mental illness is just like have a physical illness, except you cannot see it.

Thoughts? Feel free to share with me.

Thank you for reading and being with me on this journey to healing


Natalake xx

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