Monday Motivation: Delicacy in a Tough World

Happy Monday!

Let’s jump right in:

Delicate: A word always associated with fragility.  But why cannot you be tough and delicate at the same time? Impossible?

Think Again!

Take example from the Rose. It is a delicate flower. Its petals are soft to touch, but touch them too much and they are damaged. Now look at its stem and root, covered in thorns and difficult to cut through. In a society where we live and thrive on competition ( this world is not perfect, do not fool yourself).

As a player in this game of life.

Be the Rose.

And treat your body like the Rose.

Nourish yourself and treat yourself as though you ought to be treated, with love, kindness and compassion.

Pretty  to look at, a warrior when touched.

Have a beautiful week!




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  1. Really interesting concept, great post:)

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