Monday Motivation: Make a Memory

Happy Monday!

How many of you take pictures of almost every thing at every moment?

I do, I tend to snap very random photos that at one time I would have hidden to do because I was so worried about what others thought.

Then life happened.

Grief + severe depression+ anxiety + OCD = waking up one day and wanting to find a way out of the noise.

So I slowed down, I got treatment and started oddly enough, taking a lot more pictures! (Not as glam as it sounds eh!)

So my Monday Motivation is simple this week! Take loads of pictures and hold on to the memories. Preserve them. Sometimes it is a great pick me up to go through photos and reflect on the times you have had.

But remember also, this is a tool for reflection, preservation and sharing. Not a tool to hold on to the past.





Have a wonderful week and take pictures!

Natalake xx

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