Monday Motivation: Worthiness

The word this week is a touchy one! Worth has so many meanings, and the beauty of it all is, it is subjective.

We have propaganda pushed at us everyday. Know your worth! You are worthy! Is he worth it! Is this worth your time?

But what is worth? Worth is created from and judged from within. That to me, is the real worth. It is not measured by your daily likes, the car you drive, your status, your social circle, your job or the dollars in your bank account (unless it is net worth maybe?????). Worth comes from character, treatment to yourself, others and things (animals included) etc.

So the question I pose to readers this week.

What is worth to you?

What are you deserving of?


Are we worthy because we were born human beings, with the “same”  rights as everyone else?

Is it that we are worthy of all,  just because? Or are some more than others because of hard work, persistence and passion? What are you worthy of?

Thoughts to ponder on a week where we go about our daily lives, toiling for our passions (hopefully) or perhaps our jobs?


When you begin this whole introspection, you really see the beginning of the rabbit hole of who you are, and sometimes find the answers to questions we would have preferred to lock away.

For me, you ask? My journey to understanding my worth came the day I realised I had spent the majority of my life up until that time, valuing my worth on what job I had, and what my achievements were. The reality was, trophies, straight A’s and a law degree proved what? That I had obtained societal and academic merits in life.

But it was not me.

I am a blank canvas, with different colours being added daily.

Think about it, have a great week.

Natalake xx


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