Morning Routine: It’s BASIC

Good Morning from my tiny boot island. Trinidad.

Further to Instagram Poll, I am sharing my very BASIC morning routine with the world.

  1. Wake up looking like death (FACT)
  2. Snooze, Snooze and Re-Snooze all five alarms I have set.
  3. Pray.
  4. Eventually raise myself out of bed in disgruntled state ( I do not wake up and bounce around).
  5. Take my meds, vitamins and BCAA’s (Carnival is coming, no time for cellulite in 2019).
  6. Neaten Up. Sometimes if I am in Wonder Woman mode I put a load of clothes to wash. (Also it is recommended you take BCAA’S 30 mins to an hour prior to working out- so what better to do than stop a massive pile up on the weekend?)
  7. Workout (Yep, in the morning). Now I do not smile when I do this. More often than not I trudge over to the television if I am doing a video (currently doing T25 for the 100th time I swear- because it works) switch it on and in zombie mode attempt to do the workout of the day.
  8. Tea-time- My go to tea is ginger or turmeric. Turmeric is the BEST for low grade inflammation- all you PCOS sisters take heed. It WORKS!
  9. Shower.
  10. Moisturise- Right now I am using two, Advanced Clinicals Retinol Moisturiser and Advanced Clinicals AHA (It’s pretty decent).
  11. Make up- This is another BASIC trait. I cleanse and tone, moisturise, foundation (sometimes) powder (sometimes), eyeliner (most days), mascara (everyday).
  12. Drink more tea.
  13. Brush hair
  14. Drink more tea.beverage-coffee-cup-3016.jpg
  15. Secure headphones ( Because who wants to converse with strangers in a taxi- I do not really want to most of the time- sorry not sorry)
  16. Brave the world outside and go about the day.
  17. Drink tea to cope with day because alcohol has too much sugar.

Something I have recently started, which is going well. I do not check my phone (aside from the snooze button) until I have gotten dressed ( roughly an hour or so after waking up). Social media fasts daily really impact productivity. I would definitely recommend it.


So when you see me, this is me.

Unless I woke up in a fabulous mood and decided to put on eyeshadow.

Natalake xx

morning routine pin.png

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