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Trinidad and Tobago has been struggling to achieve true democracy for years. Living in what has been deemed a ‘rainbow’ nation, it is sad to see that fifty years later, as an independent nation, there are still undertones of race,class and sexism.

It may not be glaringly obvious to the innocent bystander. Holidaying in Trinidad and Tobago by all means is an escape to paradise. Warm weather,tropical climate and locals who love nothing better than pleasing the tourists, advising where to go for a good lime, where to shop, and where the best local cuisine may be found, whether it is at a little shop on the corner, or in their own kitchen.

Sounds like the idyllic dream, a country blessed with its own oil and natural gas, natural beauty, lush rainforests even plains and valleys. Trinidad and Tobago holds a little piece of EVERYTHING.

But, when we pull away the fanfare,the beauty, culture and talent , what comes to light is not all sunshine and lollipops. Daily our media shows footage of gruesome murders,street crimes,drugs seizures and rapes. Our most recent incident which perhaps caught international attention was the police brutality caught on someones mobile phone, while many comment the police force for their hasty inquiry, others like myself sit back and shake their heads. This case is one out of ten that is actually being investigated.

As far as international attention goes, Trinidad is becoming a hot topic. We had a ‘Crime Plan’ that turned into a State of Emergency, innocent people were harassed by those who were supposed to be protecting citizens, press conferences appeared to be like a game at a child’s party……pass the question/buck?! We have been embarrassed by the leaders of this nation, by their blatant  attempt to place blame upon a well decorated gentleman who was intended save our nation, who in maintenance of dignity and morale resigned.

Lets see what else has happened.



In closing, that which inspired this post. Trinidad and Tobago went into uproar yesterday when it was announced that the US Embassy released a statement associated with two individuals on fraud charges etc, and Trinidad and Tobago’s refusal to extradite the parties to the US. Within hours a ticker was on media house websites …Parliament to be convened for an emergency session within 48 hours to repeal s34 of the Administration of Justice Act 2011.

Yes it says 2011, an act created in 2011, amended during our 50 years of independence  pre-celebration….30th August 2012. What does this section promote…..take a read…

“34. (1) Where proceedings are instituted on or after
the coming into force of this Act and the Master is not,
within twelve months after the proceedings are instituted,
in a position to order that the accused be put on trial,
the Master shall discharge the accused and a verdict of
not guilty shall be recorded.
(2) Except—
(a) in the case of matters listed in
Schedule 6; or
(b) where the accused has evaded the process of
the Court,after the expiration of ten years from the date on which
an offence is alleged to have been committed—
(c) no proceedings shall be instituted for that
offence; or
(d) no trial shall commence in respect of that
(3) Except—
(a) in the case of matters listed in Schedule 6;
(b) where the accused has evaded the process of
the Court,
(c) proceedings have been instituted;
(d) an accused is committed to stand trial; or
(e) an order is made to put an accused on trial,
whether before or after the commencement of this Act,
a Judge shall, on an application by the accused,
discharge the accused and record a verdict of not guilty
if the offence is alleged to have been committed on a
date that is ten years or more before the date of the

s34 Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act 2011,

More to come….

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  1. My we are on a roll. I like your take. Keep it up – We'll make a political/social activist out of you yet! Glad you posted the video.

  2. Annie says:

    Much bitter and sweet in your country. Sounds very normal. Not necessarily pleasant but oh so human and normal. Applauding you for speaking up.

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