No One is Perfect.

So it is 9:00pm and Joel Osteen is on television. Talking about bringing greatness out of a great mess. As of recent I have fallen for his preaching more so than before.

He has become my morning companion while I get ready to go work, He makes me happy and renews my vigour and faith each morning when I would much prefer to bury my head under a pillow and wake up in an alternate dimension, where all is “right” in the universe. Where there is no need to face that which became a world of disillusion and a stage for masqueraders of promise, attempting to hide insecurity, ignorance and pride behind the strut of a peacock.

 Jumping to another messenger, this is the reason I came to Blogger tonight.

Rev Run’s wisdom caught my attention on Instagram today. Mainly because it is the truth. Striving to live like this may lead to labels such as self righteous but at the end of the day, its a blessing to hear that. To be exposed to the slander, Learning more and more that the gossip, while it is human nature, is a reflection (the majority of the time) of the speaker. Speaking love and happiness actually does bring more of it, and the more you call it, the more revelations of toxicity arise.¬†
It is a benefit, an opportunity to live, experience and see past black and white.
As his caption said ” Try to be nice.. It’ll enhance your life tremendously.”

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