Please Do Not Honk

Just discovered the Daily Post Prompt! Today it is Honk!

So where I live, the honk of a car horn can symbolise many things.
Mainly it indicates availability of a taxi or maxi taxi to commuters. Also like everywhere else in the world its a universal male code for “Hey girl, over here” that is: a tool for sexual harassment.

Did I go too far?

Here’s a peek at my morning. 

I stand on the side of the main road waiting for transport. See a car passing… kinda looks like a taxi, so I flag him down. He goes straight past me. Meanwhile an approaching vehicle honks their horn. Finally! A taxi!!


A group of leering men who feel the need to express their appreciation of my beauty by blowing their horns. 

Does not sound bad? Ok.

I’m waiting for transport in a cute outfit, because YES I like to look cute for moi! First “honk of appreciation” turns into a chorus of cars and A LOT of unwanted attention.

Which now leads to proposals and offers of drops to wherever I want to go… (meanwhile I am being undressed by their eyes).

Factor this in. Women go missing everyday in my country. We are a suspected prime point for human trafficking.

Factor this is in.

I would just like to walk the road in peace.

I am not saying you cannot say good morning. It’s preferred over the heckling and unsolicited offers.

Men get upset when a woman is unresponsive and proceed to verbally abuse her because she does not heed the heckling. Many times the woman gets angry and reacts too. We all have different responses.

Male friends have even told me that it continues as some women encourage the behaviour by responding in a positive manner. 

To each his own.

Personally, I would prefer you honk your horn for the reasons they taught you at driving school.

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