Practice Delight

Hope you had a great weekend!

First Monday of May brings another week teeming with possibilities. Even though it IS NOT EASY, practicing delight is a small step to a big change.

Why am I so insistent on this? Because I was super negative in my self talk, I let outside influences affect my internal thought process, and I thought I was not worth one shit. Fast Forward to now! I am beautiful and WORTH it

So this week I bring tidings of delight. Delight in the things that even make you tear up inside and outside, because that tremendous loss, is actually a lesson that will propel you forward either loudly or silently into another stage of your evolution. And it IS worth it.

This does not mean you put on a plastic smile. It means you feel the emotion, anger, sadness, happiness, whatever it is just let it happen, then let it go. Look back and see where the lesson is , find the delight.

simple steps to massive change.

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