Daily we are bombarded with the latest advertisements, listicles, podcasts etc that scream, “SPOIL YOURSELF”. So many times we may automatically take that to be the consumer notion of  “purchase, splurge, empty that bank account (unintentionally ofc!)”.

But not all can do this with such reckless abandon. So in short, here are five tips to get that luxurious R & R high, at next to nothing.

  1. Go on YouTube, find a good yoga video and just do it! One of my favourites is The Kundalini Lounge
  2. Unclench your jaw! Simple but such an amazing feeling.
  3. Dance naked to your favourite song! ( Lock that door and let loose).
  4. Get your favourite comfort food or some wine! The most comfortable piece of clothing you own, or just a plain robe. Plant yourself in a comfy spot and veg out to some old movies and get caught up in the old-time romance.
  5. Sleep late! Take that Sunday morning to the extreme, turn off the alarm and sleep away. Cannot go back to sleep? Take to YouTube and get some bin-aural beats flowing and peace out.

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment or message me so we can grow this list together and de-stress the world, effect change and promote peace.

Have a great week.

Natalake xx


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