So one of my best girlfriends introduced me to Sarah Jakes Roberts, and I am pretty obsessed with her sermons.

Honestly, some of them go over my head, but most touch a chord in me that I know doesn’t want to be exposed.

The most recent one I listened to was titled “Secrets”.

And it rang true, ALL secrets come out eventually.

I remember growing up, my father always said that if someone had something to hide, they were doing something wrong. I vehemently disagreed.

Now as an adult, I don’t.

The weak hold secrets to protect a self-proclaimed honour.

Why? Because it may actually expose the truth.

People don’t like the truth.

The: ‘It is better they don’t know!” Is really- ‘I do not want them to be exposed to my truth!’

It’s time to stop.

Evaluate yourself.

Even when it hurts.

It is the only way to grow.


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