Self Awareness this November

Is anyone else a tad flabbergasted we are already in the eleventh month of the year?

It feels like the past year has flown and dragged by at the same time, imagine what 2022 will be like! If you have any predictions let me know!

As we start what many call Scorpio season, I am calling it self aware season (S.A.S). As you know by now, inspovation is dear to my heart.

Being the best version of yourself is one of those things that is boosted by consistency and to be honest, it is almost TOO EASY to fall off (in my humble opinion).

So what better way to reignite the inspovation fire than with Self Awareness? Now you know by now- on this site we do short, sweet and to the point ( most times anyway….)

What is self awareness? According to Oxford Languages it is defined as “conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.”

Let’s be frank, traversing self awareness will have some very uncomfortable moments, but the outcome will be 100% worth it- so keep that in mind for what’s coming up next…

Here are 3 affirmations I shared on my current affairs radio show this morning- that may seem a bit much at first, but with each moment it will get easier.

I accept that my life has been created by my thoughts and beliefs.

I accept full responsibility for my thinking and doing.

I recognize and accept full responsibility for all my beliefs, and question those which hinder my advancement.

Let me know what you think!

Stay safe till next time.

Natasha xx

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