(of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure:

I was brought up to not be selfish, to put other’s first, regardless of the consequence. The thing was, I did not realize I was foregoing my happiness and dealing with the consequences for the sake of others. In some ways, I was trained to be a doormat. Though I have no problem speaking my mind (and from a young age) it appears there is an invisible switch on my back that gets turned on and off ON: Doormat OFF: Stand Up.

So where is the balance? That invisible line that waivers between the egocentric bitch and nice girl doormat?


Sounds crazy, but is it really?

Everyone has it, some are more tuned in than others. So for me, when my intuition starts to go into fits, now I bolt.

Also, I become SELFISH

I switch off, I remove myself, I look after myself.

Selfless in the right circumstances.
Selfish in the right circumstances.

I am not saying I become this raging ball of fire that burns everything in my path, but I am an advocate of making myself a priority and leaving that which may bring the three D’s into my life ( Distract, Demotivate, Destroy) far behind.

What took a while, and still does take a concerted effort, is not to feel bad. To accept that it is okay to make yourself the number one priority.

Because………….You cannot take care of anyone else, much less work towards your goals if you do not have yourself in order.

So, I advocate being a little selfish from time to time, because the reality is, while it may be “Selfish” according to the definition we all learned in school, applying it to your day to day life, it is clear as day, that this word  that has been given such a negative connotation over the years, is actually a necessity for self-evaluation, care  and survival.

Let’s break down Self-ish!

Self: a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action

-ish:  of, relating to, or being, characteristic of, inclined or liable to

So, out of these definitions, I found the very literal interpretation- inclined to/liable to a person’s essential being, that distinguishes them from others. Basically selfish is being accountable to yourself. You are responsible for your body ( Temple baby) and you create everything that surrounds you. The old quote “What you allow, is what will continue” is the perfect representation of this.

Small Sunday Food for Thought



Enjoy your week xoxo


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  1. Neri says:

    YES to selfishness! Dating and relationship experts say it even helps attracting love 🙂

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