Strange Angels

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This morning an old friend sent me a picture that read “Sometimes God sends us an Angel disguised as a friend”. It was needed, and it started my day off pretty well.

Though people may scoff, everyone has a glimmer in them that shines for angels, and they are around, not necessarily in the form of over 7ft, emanating light and peace or brandishing a sword like Archangel Michael, but sometimes in everyday people.

A few weeks ago I was walking through the capital, Port-Of-Spain, and lo and behold the heavens opened.I mean OPENED, thunder, lightning…the whole nine yards! Toting an overnight bag, handbag and heels, I opted not to chastise myself for being careless and forgetting and umbrella, but to get wet. As I stood in the pouring rain waiting to cross the road, quite aware by the puzzled looks on drivers faces that I must really look like an utter nutcase, inside I was thoroughly enjoying myself. However after 2 minutes I realised I was drenched.

Suddenly I realised the rain wasn’t falling on me any more, to my left was a young gentleman, probably 5ft 3in, who without asking had tiptoed and used his umbrella to shelter me. I smiled and thanked him, he smiled back and responded “I know you are enjoying it, but now you need some shelter”. We both waited for the signal to cross, and when we got to the other side, I thanked him again as we were going in opposite directions, he smiled and turned in my direction, walking with me to the Terminal, dropped me off and went on to his destination.

While I was in the bathroom wringing my top, and drying off, my face was aching. I realised that I had been smiling since that umbrella was lifted above my head. He was definitely an angel in disguise.

Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty.

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