The Blooming Process

Last night this quote fell into my lap and it screamed at me softly. So much so it went straight to my Instagram feed (I have a slight IG addiction, my love for photos and making memories went from 0 to 100 when my daddy died.)Follow me on IG!!

Not just the literal, but that undertone of being the creator of your own destiny! Sometimes you just have to dive in, forego the if, what’s, how,  why’s and maybe’s and just jump.

Having read a lot of motivational books, sometimes it comes across as such an easy task. Wake up, make a change, challenge yourself and BAM your life changes.

But it isn’s that easy!

It is hard sometimes to get up, go out and face the world. To deal with people in general. To get through a day without focusing on your shortcomings at least 100 times!  But somehow you manage. It is a challenge to let go of situations and thoughts that make you want to be in hiding. You can be the most bubbly person in the room, and still hide in a house.

If you have ever felt like that, or still do here are a few tips that I have used and I am still using on my journey to bloom!

  • Clear your mind
  • Focus on the present
  • Clearly envision your goals daily
  • Pray and manifest positive energy
  • Meditate
  • Push yourself- I mean really just jump- clear your mind and do it.
  • Surround yourself with like minded people (Find your tribe)
  • Music! Create playlists themed to each mood, or each attitude you want to adopt (Look out for my post next week on Theme days and the best playlists!)
Importantly, know that it is OK to fail. Every day is a new opportunity to start again and work daily on being the best version of yourself!

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