The Curse of the loose tongue.

There is nothing worse than people who talk too much. You know those people that you try to discreetly move away from so that you can make a quick exit before they realise.

Years have brought numerous expressions that highlight this trait as a sign of weakness…’Empty vessels make the most noise’ was a statement I grew up with, so much so it is part of language.

Sometimes I ask God to put his hand over my mouth, to learn humility and patience to deal with those whose mouths run as though there is no safety valve on  a water main.

Trinidad and Tobago is a society famous for a nation that likes to ‘maco’ (get involved in,eavesdrop,ask about other peoples lives,business etc). It is the norm to see curtains discreetly pushed aside as a face pops out to see who come to visit who across the street, what time the neighbour got home, who works where etc.

An old friend in passing said to me ‘..once you have a drop of Trini blood in you ,its other peoples business and bachannal on yuh mind’.

We all have that friend, the one who knows what is going on before the rest of the circle does, who can tell you what you are going to do before it gets done.

While it brings a unique and flavourful twist to friendship and life its important to remember that which has been proven time and time again, regardless creed, colour and race, those who gossip with you, will gossip without you….don’t make the mistake to believe you can break the mould or be the exception.

Life lesson:

Spend more time focusing on you, than others around you, give and it will come back to you, karma if you want to call it that WILL deal with all those who feign humility yet live in hypocrisy.


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  1. Nice blog. And just to throw a whole other perspective into it — as a student of anthropology I get suckered into reading new articles on the social science. The current trend seems to see gossip as the human non-violent way of establishing the pecking order.

    In our tribal days (Trinidad being an island probably even has stronger tribal roots) survival depended on a well established pecking order, firm connections between peoples, and knowing that your tribe was doing.

    That said it seems to me there is “good gossip” and “bad gossip” of which you allude to in your thoughtful blog. Good gossip seeking to reinforce what anthropologist think is important in a society and bad gossip being that which tears it down.

    Then there are those that just seek to fill the silence and know not what they are saying or even why.

  2. Hi Natasha, your mother send me the link to this lovely blog. I think she raised a very beautiful, very wise daughter, just saying. Hugs you.

  3. Annie says:

    Gossip So destructive. But also, so reinforcing for that which is good. A peek through a curtain is welcome. Neighborhood safety ensured. All is normal. All is well.

  4. You think you could remove the word verification? You know my eyes are not what they once were!!

  5. LadyCat says:

    This is so true. Some people are uncomfortable with silence and have to fill it with idle chatter. They are uneasy with their stillness, because it gives them time to think.
    Beautiful blog! I'm your newest follower and will definetly be back. Found you through Bee : )

  6. IndyLee says:

    Brilliant! I never thought about that, and I can see now how that works right here in Trinidad.Thank you for commenting!

  7. IndyLee says:

    Thank you very much :)!

  8. IndyLee says:

    word verification?

  9. IndyLee says:

    Agreed!Thank you so much!

  10. Yes – before a comment can be posted here on your page, the commentator has to go through a word verification process to prove they are not a robot! I am not a robot as you well know – well not all the time anyway! It's in your settings. x

  11. Shaynacwings says:

    Brilliant post and thank you Bee for showing me the way to get to read it.

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