Theme Days!

In one job, I was lucky enough to make some lifelong friends, and learn some tips and tricks to survive corporate life!
My favorite was and still is THEME DAYS!
Theme days basically kept me slightly sane and managed to keep my anxiety somewhat at bay.
So if your office makes you feel like you are on the verge of breaking down and there is no way you can leave (YES I fully endorse leaving careers/ jobs that are detrimental to your mental health- once you are able to support yourself of course) This is for you.
It is very simple- all you need is YouTube on your desktop/phone or any music app for that matter. Choose what you’re in the mood for that day;
A few of my favorites:
Click the links above for some of my faves!
Create a playlist and go – or let YouTube decide! Since there are so many playlists, you can easily type in a genre/theme, select and work without interruptions.
Also- when things get really stressful. Shut your door and dance! Because no one is watching.


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  1. Aliyah S says:

    Great post. Will check out your playlist fave.

    1. Natalake says:

      Thank you! Hope you enjoy!

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