Things I Wish I had Known and Focused On More

 I remember when I was eighteen years old, I came home one day and I was told I would be going “home”.  From spending my days on the beach to pounding a pavement. It was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.
It is funny how sometimes we are taught many things, but we don’t follow up on them, whether it is out of fear, sheer laziness or insecurity.
As my journey continues, I decided to list things that I needed either to know, focus on, learn or believe in.

  1. You can always start over
  2. There is always a lesson
  3. Letting go is easiest when you rip it off like a band-aid
  4. You are beautiful
  5. You are smart
  6. Not every successful person is an academic
  7. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to be when you’re a teenager
  8. Never stop daydreaming
  9. What you repeatedly focus on will manifest
  10. Discipline is not easy, it takes commitment
  11. Life is only as difficult as you make it
  12. Don’t follow the crowd
  13. Stand up for yourself
  14. Look at what’s going on inside you when you feel negative emotion towards another person
  15. Don’t let your past control your future
  16. Always follow your instinct
  17. Travel alone at least once.  Live in another country alone
  18. Follow your passion- it’s your calling.
  19. Mind your manners- you never know who may be watching you
  20. Don’t be afraid to leave people behind
  21. Live in the present moment mentally
  22. Say Goodbye
  23. Listen to your parents! Most times, they have been through it, or know the outcome per experience!
Life does not come with a rule book, so we need to share!


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  1. Wonton says:

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  2. Wise words of advice. Reach for the stars and beyond.

  3. Natasha Lake says:

    Thank you very much!!!

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