To Eat or Not to Eat! The Muffin Question.

Does it sound trivial? The decision to eat a muffin?

It does.

But here’s the thing, it is actually a conscious decision that needs to be made considering all factors.
Ingredients, calories, sodium…………..UGH!

So last week we all got muffins as treats. Which is great! Who doesn’t love treats!! Just as I was ready to delve into the delicious blueberry muffin. I stopped and looked at the nutrition facts, and I died inside. 352 &%^#(&! CALORIES! In a TINY muffin :(.

Deliciousness just turned into forbidden. Now the thing is, it’s already forbidden. Living with PCOS you should really steer clear of every single ingredient that was in there. So I found discipline somewhere in my gut, put down the muffin and ate whole wheat Crix.

Fast forward to today, I am HANGRY I don’t have lunch, and well I am SUPPOSED to be eating clean.

I just ate a blueberry muffin in less than two minutes, and now I have brain fog!

Discipline is a Son of Bitch!

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  1. Cheri says:

    I found a recipe 142 cal per muffin

    1. Natalake says:

      !! Do you have a link to share ❤

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