Top Cellulite Treatment Tips

On the weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey , there are so many things that happen to your body, from loose skin , stretch marks etc. The list is endless, and that is just on the outside.  We can tackle the inside another day! #toomuch

When we rank from high to low, most times cellulite is the top peeve of women who have transformed their bodies. I battle with cellulite everyday, and after spending way too many hours researching treatments, from DIY’s to expensive creams, I rounded up the best that have worked on me so far and were actually affordable.

  1. Nivea Firming Cellulite Gel Cream- My #1 and not overpriced. I saw it in the pharmacy for less than 70.00 TTD and grabbed it, I did not put it on every day and it lasted me about three months. The results were visible too. Not like I just stepped off a surgery table, but it gave me enough confidence to wear shorts without feeling like a hot mess.

  2. Goicochea- I love the way it makes me feel. The “Orange Peel Look” line was amazing, it is not a gimmick. My legs were actually refreshed, and got an extra spurt of moisture. Another solid choice for great pins.

  3. Advanced Clinicals Retinol- This is an everyday moisturizer. It works, but it takes time. Like MONTHS. But good things come to those who wait.

  4. Grapefruit Essential Oil (With a carrier oil) – This was the most costly concoction, but it lasts a very very long time! I mix the Grapefruit essential oil with almond oil and massage the concoction directly to my skin. It tingles, you smell like fruit stand, but it works! Bonus- Grapefruit essential oils have fat burning properties. So it works deep down into those layers.

Bonus Tip:

While most treatments will work once you are dedicated and disciplined to following a daily regime, nothing works as well as a clean diet. Cutting out fake sugars (Coke Zero, diet drinks, Splenda etc.) can actually help in banishing cellulite.

Also targeting cellulite prone areas with spot exercises is a sure way to burn it off.


It will not happen overnight.

Natalake xx


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  1. justnatonya says:

    Incredible solutions! Never knew Nivea had a cream and I’m a fan of their products. I really like the natural route of using grapefruit oil with a carrier oil. This post was so necessary!

    Natonya |

  2. Marc says:

    Cupping therapy is also good

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