Town Walks.

My mother gets vex with me.

Mostly because of my language. I retaliate by reminding her I am an adult. So whatever profanity may come, shall come.

Sometimes she will say, “I want to go in town” and I say “No”.

Selfish reasons, yes!

You see, this is my typical walk in town.





“You have a man?”

No response leads to:

“You feel you better than me or what?”

“You does sh*t ice cream!”

“F8Ck you na girl!”

“Watch she, feel she bess!”

Clearly I am fabulous if you take time out of your day to comment and then get upset because  I ignore you.

But sometimes you get polite men, who per me being brought up properly, I will respond “Good Morning” when they say good morning to me and wish me a good day.

Sometimes I get pissed, and tell them to Haul dey Mudda C*nt!

So mummy cannot walk with me in town.

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  1. Senora Sola says:

    Ha! Loved this! So true too! Walking around in this country is the worst sometimes! But as you said, a well placed “HYMC” can help!

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