Transformation Tuesday Tips: Repeat Good Words To Yourself


Firstly: Happy Transformation Tuesday ( remember I said it would happen, so here it is finally!)

So in keeping with the Best Version of Yourself (BVY) theme, today’s Tuesday Transformation Tip is “REPEAT GOOD WORDS TO YOURSELF”


It is powerful, it will make a gigantic impact in the most subtle way! Your inner chat affects your subconscious and brings whatever you tell yourself into reality.


A simple technique you can try , when something negative arises:

  1. Tell yourself something good.
  2. SMILE.
  3. Repeat good words (check out my list below)



Over time, you will see a change, and the effects will be wonderful.

Positive mindset

Positive Life

Health & Strength

All from some loving inner dialogue.

Enjoy your week

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Natalake xx


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  1. Benardchinua says:

    I like this. Great post.

    1. Natalake says:

      Thank You! Glad you enjoyed!

      1. Benardchinua says:

        Pleasure, Natalake.

  2. klaudia says:

    Perfect, thanks for sharing.

  3. Stay positive is they way!

  4. DizzySpangle says:

    Great advice! And I love those words <3 -Graciella //

  5. twomoonschild says:

    Love your post, especially the list of words!

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