Tsimplicity- Changing my face!

Last week I got the Brown Shuga Scrub by Tsimplicity

The description intrigued me,    ” …… can be responsible for skin cell preservation, protects the skin from the adverse effects of UV rays.It makes skin smooth and tones your skin to perfection.Coffee plays a crucial role in regulating cell re-growth, which leads to retained hydration and increased skin elasticity. It also gets rid of dark unwanted spots from your face, arms and back area and also corrects discoloration.”

I have an ongoing battle with my skin, one minute it is normal to oily, next minute it is dry and painful, so I am always hesitant to try anything on my skin.

I recently stopped washing my face with “hard water” and started cleansing with witch hazel and ponds cold cream. Which made an IMMENSE difference on my skin. So I decided to give Tsimplicity’s Brown Shuga Scrub a go.

Firstly let me get one thing out of the way, there is nothing bad about this product!

When I got home and opened the organic wrapping I immediately contacted Tsimplicity’s founder, King Tsii and told her I wanted to eat it!

Trying to not eat the Brown Shuga Scrub!

It smells and looks that good.

So about two days later, after on and off smelling the product for a mood lift, I used it.

It goes on well, applying in an upward circular motion is recommended, you can feel your skin tingling from the caffeine!!!!. I left it on for a while ( got some wrinkles that need to be filled out) and tried not to lick my lips. Then rinsed.

My face was so moisturised I was blown away. As I write this review I have to remind myself to not touch my face, it’s that soft!

Also, I am GLOWING! 

Bonus: A little bit goes a LONG LONG way.

This product is definitely a case of quality and quantity.

I can’t wait to try the rest of the Tsimplicity line, especially the Honey Oat Mask, that is said to be great for sunburn and has some amazing anti-inflammatory properties (she had me at anti-inflammatory).

Check out Tsimplicity on IG here!and follow the brand’s founder King Tsii !


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  1. Coryse Noel says:

    Too damn true! My skin has a way of 'fighting back' especially around my period… I'll break out in pimples and I begin to question life. I can testify that I have not had a major face outbreaks since I started started to use the Brown Shuga scrub regularly…. Thanks so much Tsiann!

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