It’s been a while! The pandemic in some places is “over”, but in all honesty, it feels as though right here in Sweet Trinidad and Tobago, we are right in heart of it all!

A lot has happened in a year. Many of us have lost friends and family to the coronavirus. We have lost income, homes, jobs…… you name it, everything has taken a hit.

My question to you today is, have you learned anything new in the pandemic? Did you make new connections? End relationships and build new ones? Did you give yourself time to experience this blow that fate (some may call it that) has dealt the entire world? What has changed for YOU? ( aside from your life being turned upside down, because let’s face it, life has been changed forever).

Or did you perhaps not feel the effects? Have you been able to carry on as “normal” (what is normal anymore, if you know, please share!).

For me as for many others, life will never be the same again. My perspective has shifted. Learning that the only thing constant in life is change.

As an offering, here are some affirmations that have made wonderful and not so wonderful changes in my life. When I say not so wonderful, I say it boldly because admittedly at first, I wasn’t ready for the change. But then again, who really is.

Stay Safe

Natasha xx

Musing Updates From My Soul to You.

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