Wardrobe Culture: Basics for Caribbean Life

What is a must-have in the Caribbean Ladies wardrobe?

It depends on who you ask. Many times we are bombarded with wardrobe essentials for women, but none that I have read so far, pointed to exactly what I, as a woman living in the Caribbean need in my wardrobe. So I have compiled a quick list of daily essential pieces for women who live in this 30+ degrees celsius heat.

  1. Shorts- This is first because WE LIVE IN THE TROPICS! Observation has led me to the conclusion that shorts are not always the most popular form of attire in Trinbago. Which is understandable because we live in a society where we are heckled by the opposite daily and shamed by our own sex. But the reality is, why overheat for people who do not pay your bills. Now, I am not advocating shorts where I can see your lady parts, but jeezanages wear short-pants,  it is HOT!
  2. Blazer- Turn ALMOST ANY outfit into business attire in seconds. Dress up a mini or maxi dress for a date night in an instant.
  3. Skirt- ( Can we meditate on this for a second) Skirts do not need to be finishing right under that crack of your ass. And while on the subject, when you buy a skirt, always check that back slit. It should not leave little or nothing to the imagination, now given many of us shop on a budget, if it is the best you can find, invest in a needle and thread and make it your own.
  4. Flesh toned stockings – We do not live in a climate where we need to wear opaque black stockings, I’m just saying.
  5. Jeans – The staple of most Trinbagonians and women around the world.                  But jeans do not have to be boring, we have so many cuts to choose from.adult-asia-attractive-937453.jpg
  6. Sneakers – If you travel and you walk a lot. Sneakers are the best thing to preserve your feet and you heels.
  7. Sandals – Great for the non rainy season days, and can go from casual to evening out if you dress them up properly. My go-to these days? Shoeaholics, they are budget friendly and perfect place to run for a pair when you have a shoe emergency.
  8. Wedges- Favourite. They are comfortable sturdy and are great for almost all outfits (ALMOST ALL) Shorts, Blazer and Wedges? Yes please!
  9. Flats – If you are a woman who is not into the sneaker look on transit home, then flats are the way to go. They pack a powerful punch of femininity and compliment all outfits. Bonus they are easy to throw in your bag if need be.
  10. Stacked Heels- The love of my life. A stacked heel is direct from the shoe Gods. You can go to work in them and go lime (hang out/ socialise) afterwards with ease. Choose the right stacked heel to compliment what you already have, your feet will thank you.bag-colorful-colors-1229181
  11. Tank Tops – Another staple, having good quality tanks in different colours can expand the wardrobe without breaking your budget. Mix and match.
  12. Maxi Dress -Perfect for lazy days, casual days, errands etc. A great break from the norm and comfortable. Bonus  a maxi dress  with some spaghetti straps showing those shoulders and a bit of back is sexy without being naked.
  13. Mini Dress – Do it for the heat and because it is great to show your legs off. You work hard for them, so display. But also another great outfit for day to night transition.
  14. Swimsuits- or as we say a Bathing-suit!- Because everyone breaks biche ( ditches work/school/responsibility) at some point in time in their lifelong span.

I am partial to scarves, lightweight and colourful all the way. Also while many office in Trinidad and Tobago can be freezing, I do not understand why I see people walking around in winter coats when the sun is blazing. This is my PERSONAL opinion, if it is you do you. I just prefer to be comfortable and not overheat.

For men, three piece suits are nice and all, but do not think we do not see that sweat forming and soaking your clothes as you walk out in that blistering sun. In Bermuda they wear shorts, because it is HOT! In Tobago Pigeon Point patrols wear shorts, why? It’s HOT! In Jamaica they suspended the “no sleeveless” policy and it is currently under review (click HERE for the story).


I look forward to seeing the shift in our culture, when we will recognize that, while many spend their time finding the suitable office suit to sweat in, work an eight to four and pay taxes, the person they are working for is wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Do not believe me? Do the research.

One day culture change, One Day.


Leggings are LIFE!! 


Natalake xx




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