What’s on my mind Facebook??

I have just sat down and opened Facebook, as right now it is my only form of communication.

What a life!

Here’s my morning routine (today) because as you know, all ladies have a FAB morning routine!

Roll out of bed at about 6:30am (late)
Put on sports bra, sneakers and shorts.
Greet partner in kitchen.
Drink some ACV and Lemon concoction.
Lie on bed complaining about not being in the mood to work out.
Work out!
Clean…. because, who DOESN’T LOVE to clean!
Boil eggs for breakfast.
Take a shower.
Choose outfit.
Place phone on window sill ( to amplify sound of course)
Dance around room while getting ready….. PCD was my choice this morning, so you know I was really into it.



Phone is in rice, out in the sun.  My phone is tanning!!!!

And I am late for work.

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