I am no feminist.  Sad but true. I disagree with conforming to the societal norm re women must stay at home and men are sole breadwinners. But I agree with the concept that it is nice to be treated as a lady should be.  Yes we live in an age where a woman can more the provide for herself,  treat herself to a special dinner, splurge on that pair of shoes. But that shouldn’t take away from the romance of being wined and dined,surprised and treated like the rare beautiful creature she is.

You know the saying “chivalry is dead”, is it really? Or have we become victims of self created circumstance?

Whatever the case is, was or shall be…. one thing that should never be forgotten (and perhaps a woman’s greatest virtue yet downfall) is that we are the stronger sex, highly favored by the universe, God and whatever higher being tickles your fancy. More precious than diamonds,  and just as strong.  Spread love.

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