Your Passion is Important

From as long as I can remember, which is sporadic per repressed memory, there is one thing that makes me happy- The Arts.

It’s the one time I come alive, where thought I feel this rumbling and complete mayhem in my stomach, I am happiest.

I believe in gifts. More than ever we are given gifts for a purpose.

And if we follow those gifts, that passion; everything else will fall into place ( think about stars aligning… that’s it right there).

I also believe hard work and dedication are needed. You can’t sit down and expect it to fall into your lap, or can you??

My life is definitely not perfect.

But I can definitely say, when I am following my heart and passion, I am definitely in a better place, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

When I am stubborn, my growth stalls. I resist change = bad situations occurring. I never wanted to acknowledge my action contributed to these things. My insistence on being in control (subconsciously) I didn’t even realize. So I experienced what I perceived to be “bad” when it was really a lesson being repeated until I realized and acted accordingly. Like the child being told, “Don’t touch the stove, you will burn yourself!” Me= proceed to jump onto the stove.

My indoctrinated desire to fit the mold I was taught to believe was the right way to live.

When I tell you I contributed to my own pressure, it’s no joke.

So as the journey continues, I am learning to be accountable. Life isn’t just happening to me. I am creating my destiny, my life path, my everything.

Life is happening for me. Not against me.

So throwing caution to the wind, I follow my passion.

Admittedly I still battle daily with shedding teachings of academia and corporate life.

But it will never be fully shed. It’s about balance, finding a happy medium.

It will come

My Sunday thoughts, as I prepare for another week of this journey.



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  1. Good Sunday musings. Definitely food for thought.

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